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AgroPromkomplektatsiya group of companies is one of the leading agroindustrial associations in the Russian Federation. The dynamically developing company is one of the largest vertically integrated agro holdings of the closed cycle of dairy and meat production. AgroPromkomplektatsiya specializes in pig breeding and dairy farming, as well as processing products and selling them to consumers.

History of success
The history of AgroPromkomplektatsiya begins in 1988. The group of companies was founded at a turning point in the history of the Russian Federation, when the state structure was changing, a new formation of the economy and economic activity was born. AgroPromkomplektatsiyawas formed within the first industrial cooperative Mercury in Kazakhstan. In 1989, the company representative office was established in Russia. The development of it began in the sphere of providing the population with food. Gradually, AgroPromkomplektatsiya formed its own network of wholesale and retail trade, developed a development strategy in the field of agriculture and for 30 years of its existence was able to create a group of companies with a closed production cycle in the format “from field to counter”, becoming one of Russia’s largest agricultural producers. Today the company occupies a leading position in the field of pig breeding and dairy farming in the Russian Federation. It ranks 5th in Russia among pork producers and 9th among milk producers. The company continues to realize its potential in these areas and plans to open new production sites equipped with the most modern equipment.

Strategic potential
The mission of the company is in expanding the capabilities of the agroindustrial complex and the formation of a new culture of meat and milk production and consumption. Guided by this principle, the company provides the country’s population with quality, tasty and useful products. The most valuable thing for AgroPromkomplektatsiyais the trust of customers.Thanks to it, thousands of people choose dairy, meat and sausage products of brands Dmitrogorsky product, Near Gorki and Sincerely Yours every day. This result comes thanks to the work of almost 8000 employees of the company, advanced technologies, strict quality and sanitary norms control and constant improvement in all areas of production.The success of the company’s development primarily depends on the team of professionals and innovative technologies that are applied at the Group’s enterprises. Technological solutions of such companies as MPS in meat processing, Trepko, Obram, Ferrari and Mariani in processing milk, Big-Dutchman and GEA in pig production, De Laval in dairy farming are used for maximum automation of processes. For the management of production processes and accounting of raw materials, the CSB and ERP hardware complexes are implemented.For employees favorable living conditions are created, the social infrastructure of settlements in which the enterprises of the Group are located is developing. On a system basis, the company’s employees are provided with professional trainingsand the opportunity to improve their own qualifications and continue their career advancement.

Manufacturing and main products
AgroPromkomplektatsiya is a vertically integrated association with a closed production cycle. The Group specializes in pig breeding and dairy farming, processing of products and its sale to consumers. The Group ranks fifth in the national rating of the largest pork producers and is among the most dynamically developing companies in the agro-industrial complex of Russia. The enterprises of the Group are active participants in measures for import substitution and ensuring food security of the Russian Federation within the framework of the State Program Development of Agriculture and Regulation of Agricultural Products, Raw Materials and Foodstuffs for 2013-2020.The products are sold in 31 regions of the Russian Federation.The retail network of the Group of Companies in 5 regions of the Russian Federation includes 110 stores of Farmer’s Shop Near Gorki (premium stores in Moscow) and Dmitrogorsky product.Natural high-quality meat and dairy products are produced by the companies of AgroPromkomplektatsiya under trademarks: Dmitrogorsky product, Near Gorki and Sincerely Yours.The company constantly updates the range of products under its own brands and expands the range in the dairy category and inmeat, semi-finished products, sausages and delicacies categories.

Production technologies
In plant growing, the company uses the method of precise farming - GLONASS global positioning system, precise seed sowing, agrochemical mapping of fields; no-till system; deoxidation of soils - use of raw chalk quarry (LLC APK-Progress); fertilization of fields with organic wastes of their own CRS; six-field crop rotation and own seed-growing complex. Technological solutions used by the company in feed production are: an automated computer control system from raw material acceptance to shipment of finished products; high-tech lines for the granulation of feeds with hot steam treatment; laboratory monitoring of incoming raw materials and finished products. When it comes to technological solutions in processing there are no analogues in Russia on the level of technological equipment used by the Kursk meat processing plant. Innovative equipment and technologies of meat processing are used only on two complexes - in Switzerland and Germany. Dmitrogorsky dairy factory is a modern high-tech enterprise, corresponding to the Russian and international standards of quality and productivity. Low-temperature pasteurization used in the plant retains beneficial microorganisms, calcium and vitamins, destroying the pathogenic microflora. Classical processing technology eliminates the use of vegetable additives, preservatives and dried milk. Design capacity: processing of milk up to 240 tons/day; production of finished products - up to 135 tons/day. Both enterprises are certified for compliance with the requirements of the food safety management system GOST R ISO 22000-2007 (ISO 22000: 2005), which includes the principles of HACCP. Technological solutions in pig breeding used by the company includes automatic manure removal - animal waste is processed and used as an organic fertilizer; underground sewage pumping tanks for sewage reception provide waste water disposal; pumps, agitators, separators from the Italian company Cri-Man® and decanters from the German company Westfalia Separator provide high performance. In dairy cattle breeding the complexes are equipped according to the European technology of cold, free-of-charge content - the microclimate for cows is created due to air circulation in a large covered room. Organization of animal drinking, ventilation of premises, manure removal on the complex is automated. Complexes are equipped with maternity wards and departments for newborn calves, which from the first days begin to live in individual houses, until they grow up, which contributes to the formation of immunity.

Geography of sales
The products are sold by the single trading house Dmitrogorsky product of the Group in 31 constituent entities of the Russian Federation (Moscow city, St. Petersburg, Moscow region, Tver, Kursk, Orel, Tula, Ryazan, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Penza , Voronezh, Pskov, Tambov, Vologda, Novgorod, Volgograd, Rostov, Lipetsk, Kaliningrad, Smolensk, Novosibirsk, Magadan regions, Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District and the Republics of the Crimea and Komi) by wholesale and retail sales. The company is also included in the register of enterprises of the customs union and can supply to five CIS countries: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. The company plans to develop export potential in the countries of South-East Asia.

Achievements and further growth
For 30 years, the company was able to double the number of production assets and production volumes, becoming one of Russia’s largest agricultural producers. The company is a multiple owner of gold medals for the best products in the international exhibition Prodexpo. It ranks 5th in the national rating of the leading producers of pork and 9th among milk producers in Russia.The B.M.Ibiskus cow of the Holstein-Frisian breed was recognized as the best in Russia by the results of breeding in 2013. In maximum lactation, the milk yield was 20,500 kg with a fat content of 4.33% and a protein of 3.08%. According to the results of the 2016 coup, three cows of the AgrofirmDmitrov Gorawere recognized as the best in Russia.Technology, automation and informatization of processes allowed to increase production efficiency, provide high quality products and dynamic economic growth rates. The company’s plans for the near future include further strengthening of positions in the field of pig production: the construction of 5 new pig complexes in the Kursk and Tver regions. Development of dairy cattle breeding: construction of the third dairy complex of cattle for 6000 heads. Strengthening the feed mill: construction of 2 feed mills and silos in the Kursk and Tver regions. The company is most proud of the fact that they created a unique team of professionals who have been feeding people for 30 years with quality and delicious products.

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