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Many companies suffered in the COVID-19 pandemic - but Gesellschaft für Wolfram Industrie mbH was one of the exceptions. The family business, which took over another tried and tested stalwart in Bayerische Metallwerke GmbH 30 years ago, has proven its ability to negotiate even the toughest trajectory and keep its production and customer service on point all the while. Today, the two companies are celebrating their 110th and 95th anniversaries and upgrading their capacity by expanding and developing at both Bavarian locations. Leaving the medium-sized corporate group best-placed to build on a total of 205 years of accumulated insights and paving the way for industries like semiconductors to optimally exploit high-quality tungsten and molybdenum products going forward. Streamlining production and leveraging the very latest manufacturing technology helps the group continue delivering innovative "Made in Germany" solutions for its customers.

"Thanks to Wolfram Industrie acquiring Bayerische Metallwerke in 1991, we not only kept our then competitor in business as a going concern, but also expanded our own portfolio, which opened up new prospects for both companies", recalls the Managing Partner Marion Freifrau von Cetto. While leading the way in quality, the corporate family once again demonstrated its exceptional ability to weather the ongoing crisis of the past two pandemic years. Thanks to regional supply chains, stable production of high-quality tungsten electrodes in Germany could be ensured, independent of the East Asian market. Whenever possible, the Gesellschaft für Wolfram Industrie sources conflict-free raw materials from Europe, reflecting how the long-established Bavarian company makes corporate responsibility a top priority. Examples include its contribution to social projects like Lebenshilfe Traunstein. It also partners VESO Arbeitsintegration with its Swiss branch in Winterthur, helping people temporarily unable to work to rejoin the regular labour market.

A future full of innovation

2021 saw the Gesellschaft für Wolfram Industrie break new ground and bring two major projects of record size to fruition. The first involved boosting the production capacity at the Bayerische Metallwerke headquarters in Dachau by 50 percent. The comprehensive extension, in the order of 700 m2, was successfully completed in the anniversary year. In Traunstein meanwhile, traditionally where Gesellschaft für Wolfram Industrie is headquartered, work on the long-planned new building got underway. The new head office, all 7,000 m2 or so of it, which is set to house 6,500 m2 of production space, is likely to go into operation at the start of 2023. "Investing around 20 million euros is key to us having the space and logistical scope we need to optimize the flow of materials and ramp up progress on new manufacturing technologies", reports Sebastian von Cetto, Gesellschaft für Wolfram Industrie mbH Managing Partner and Production Manager at the Dachau facility. "Going forward, for example, streamlining the decision-making within our companies and installing the latest ventilation system are just two ways our employees will benefit."

More evidence of the Gesellschaft für Wolfram Industrie establishing an exceptional foundation from which to continue making its mark in industry. As well as high-quality TIG welding, the corporate group also spotlights semiconductors, featuring materials with ultra-high melting points like tungsten and molybdenum, as particularly ripe to grow and prosper. It's not only the top quality products that testify to the expertise of Gesellschaft für Wolfram Industrie – the service it provides does just the same. Namely, the companies offer their customers full support and project consulting as part of efforts to optimize application processes and rubber stamp the high quality of end products. "I consider bequeathing a promising and forward-looking business to the next generation important," sums up Marion Freifrau von Cetto. "And that’s precisely why we're ceaselessly expanding our on-site production capacities and development opportunities and further upskilling our highly qualified teams."

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