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Boliden’s new electronics recycling facility at the Rönnskär copper smelter is
opened today by the Minister for the Environment, Lena Ek. The SEK 1.3 billion
investment increases the smelter’s capacity to 120,000 tonnes per year and
thereby makes Boliden world leader in electronics recycling.
The increased use of electronic products, shorter product lifecycles and
stricter legislation governing electronic waste, means that the global
availability of electronic scrap is increasing.

“A growing share of the metal production will originate from recycling. With
this project Boliden combines high environmental performance with good business
returns,” says Lennart Evrell, President and CEO of Boliden.

Boliden’s new facility increase Rönnskär’s electronics recycling capacity to
120,000 tonnes per year. The expansion project started in 2010 and the smelting
of electronic material in the new facilities began as planned in January 2012.

“Boliden Rönnskär has for many years been a technological leader in the field of
recycling electronics. This expansion takes advantage of our extensive
experience in recycling electronics and enhances our competitive position in a
growing market,” says Roger Sundqvist, General Manager at Rönnskär.

The investment is in line with Boliden’s view of metals’ eco-cycle in a
sustainable society. By increasing Rönnskär’s capacity, Boliden is helping
ensure that more electronic scrap is recycled, rather than being sent to

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