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Sometimes we wish we could stop time, but the harsh reality is we can’t. But whether you are 20, 40 or 60 years old, you can still make the best of what nature gave to you and nourish it.

What can help you? Of course products manufactured specifically for women needs and focused on woman’s health. Harper Hygienics S.A., a Poland- based company, is principally engaged in creating solutions to improve woman’s lives now and in the future. Their values shape their strategy, product development, Customer service. Harper Hygienics offers convenient solutions for the modern, busy women. Their products have introduced radical change to feminine hygiene and woman’s health. Why? Because Cleanic, understands you like a woman.

Cleanic starts in the world of cotton

Since 1991, Harper Hygienics S.A. has grown into the Polish leading manufacturer of wet wipes, facial cleansing cosmetic pads and cotton buds. In 2005, they were based in a modern factory and warehouse, covering 2.5 hectares, in Mińsk Mazowiecki (about 50 km east of Warsaw). Clean factory workspaces, modern machinery and high quality equipment underpin the exacting standards of their operation. Harper Hygienics offers a wide range of products for women, babies and our home but we should remember that the history of their most important brand – Cleanic starts in the world of cotton. Certainly we use cotton pads every day for our skin care and cosmetic beauty. That is why those products should be soft, pure and versatile. Harper Hygienics manufactures products shaped and transformed into a reliable source of personal care. They procure the best cotton available on the world’s market in order to produce the most delicate and user-friendly cosmetic pads and buds. In the year 2002, Harper Hygienics joined the International Gdynia Cotton Association and since then their products have been certified and labeled as 100% pure cotton. They also produce cosmetics and beauty wipes, but they do more than simply manufacture and distribute product. The goal of each Customer relationship is to build brands trusted for both quality and value. Harper Higienics has led the explosive growth of the wet wipe industry by consistently improving the efficiency with which they manufacture them. Customers know that they can count on them for continuing category leadership. Driven by commitment to their Customers, their suppliers and their employees, Harper Hygienics continues to produce innovation in product line and incremental improvement of their manufacturing processes. They strive to supply quality products at price-points that drive usage in today’s market. As they continue to lead the way in the competitive and expanding wet wipes business, they look forward to building on their long record of success.

They care about you and your home
Today a broad range of over 40 products are offered under the Cleanic brand, including specifically products for facial cleansing, child skin care and nourishment and intimate hygiene. The Company is also involved in the production of private label brands for retail chains. Whole products are designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s value conscious Consumer. Nowadays, lifestyles are changing rapidly, so companies are trying to predict their customers’ needs, offering them safe, modern and invaluable products at reasonable prices. Modern women live faster and more actively, at the same time searching for comfortable solutions which assure comfort and safe skin maintenance. The beauty product offerings at Harper Hygienics range from make-up remover and cleansing wipes to cotton buds.

Whether skin is normal, dry, oily, or sensitive, every Consumer can find that Harper’s diverse product line addresses their specific beauty care needs. In addition to catering to all skin types, Harper Hygienics beauty wipes solve some of the most difficult problems in any daily skin care regimen. Both deep-cleansing and moisturizing, their wipes provide the utmost comfort, convenience, quality, and value to the savvy beauty care Consumer. Harper Hygienics beauty products are as versatile in their packaging as they are in the range of product offerings. Many of their facial products include a moisture lock lid which keeps the wipes moist and ready to use. This Company has also contributed to dynamic development of the most modern segment of ladies intimate wet wipes, in which they are currently taking position of an unquestionable leader.

Cleanic Kindii Dzidziuś is a special line developed for babies. These products, both safe and reliable, help to keep the little ones clean and healthy, and Mum and Dad reassured. They are as careful in the production of our products as you are in the care of your child’s sensitive and delicate skin. Consequently, the Company has received the approval of ‘The Children’s Memorial Health Institute’, which rigorously tests all children’s products. Additionally, all their products are tested and approved by The National Institute of Hygiene (Państwowy Zakład Higieny).

Their products provide the optimal cleaning solution in a wide range of applications. For instance Harper Hygienics household wipes „Presto” are quick, convenient way to clean and sanitize home. They manufacture products to fill almost every household surface need and continue to deliver the highest quality at the best possible value. Extensive packaging options offer convenient dispensing and both economic and environmental advantages.

Their quality your safety
Harper Hygienics, a manufacturer of popular cosmetics and hygiene products, is attracting more and more clients abroad. Their products and brands are well-known not only in Poland, but in other countries, such as Russia, Rumania, and the Ukraine, amongst others, where they have successfully sold their products for many years. Harper Hygienics expands its activity on foreign markets and plans further development both in respect of geographical coverage and the portfolio of products. The high recognition of the Cleanic brand provides it with potential to launch new products (in the completely new segments of the cosmetic-hygienic market as well) and to build the position of the expert in skin care. This position has been achieved thanks to their Customers, who trust their products and appreciate their endeavour to satisfy their changing and growing requirements. In 2004, Enterprise Investors (an investment fund) became the majority shareholder in Harper Hygienics, instigating further investment in state-of-the-art equipment and extension of production lines. Their unique products, market position and product awards (won in competition against well-known international companies) are due to our 500 members of staff, all them highly qualified and fully committed to their work and the success of Harper Hygienics. Over the course of company’s history, Harper Hygienics has always prided themselves on being a good corporate citizen. As a Company, they have an open-door communication policy that emphasizes transparency. Their aim is to build the Company ethically, to recognize the need to protect the environment, to follow health and safety regulations, and to guarantee the high quality of whole products. That is why the most important thing for them is to maintain the highest standards during every stage of the production process. In the near future, they will be receiving the ISO 9000-2001, confirming the high quality of their products. 

Written by Katarzyna Olszowska

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