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Transport&Logistics Industry

Logistical primus - DCT Gdańsk

Greatly simplifying, we can say that the success of any organization depends on meeting the four basic requirements: proper identification of needs of the market, professionally prepared staff, regardless of hierarchy level, excellent technical background and appropriate management procedures, optimal in the relation to the company’s current know – how, finally, though not in the terms of importance, there is a fourth requirement: the ability to provide effective logistics solutions, so that ...(4231)

Leader in logistics - VILLANOVA

Established in 1952, the Bonzano Group has learnt, in the years of its existence, to increase its effectiveness exponentially, basing its prosperity on experience gradually acquired, and thanks to the efforts of its founder – Luigi Bonzano. For almost sixty years, the group has acted as a partner of the most important industrial brands all over the world, supporting them in their production and distribution processes. Due to the trust it gained over the years, acting professionally and with a...(3621)

Logistics and investment near Poznań - Clip

Located in Swarzędz, near Poznań, the CLIP Group is the owner, manager, developer and operator of logistics and industrial sites covering the area of 250 000 m². The Group comprises such companies as STS Car Distribution Centre, which is a top car distribution centre in Poland, and CLIP (Centre for Logistics and Investment Poznań) – the most advanced logistics centre in the country. CLIP offers investment services and can meet all requirements concerning construction projects for manufacturin...(4739)
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