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Chemical Industry

International player - Grupa Azoty

grupa-azoty2 Grupa Azoty is Poland’s largest and one of European major chemical industry players as well as a pinnacle of long evolution of Polish chemical industry. The company has concentrated complementary units with different traditions and expertise to make use of their potential and to implement a common strategy. This gave rise to the largest Polish and one of the largest European chemical companies. Owing to a well-thought-out architecture, the Group can offer its customers a diversified product ...(1261)

A colourful company

orgachim Orgachim is known as one of the largest and best equipped chemical companies in Southeast Europe, with a long history in the production of specialty chemicals and coatings with modern facilities and significant resources used for the development of new products. Present on the Bulgarian market since the beginning of the 20th century, Orgachim has managed to reach the leading position in the field of production and retail distribution of products for home, industry as well as professional use...(2082)


LLC Industrial Enterprise ZIP is one of the largest manufacturers of paint and varnishes in Ukraine and former Soviet Union. The corporation ZIP includes several companies, such as LLC Etalon Pak – packaging production and LLC Promzipaktiv - transport services, united by a common professional and social policy based on common values and methodological approaches. The company was founded with a clean slate in 1995. Today it is one of the leading companies in Ukraine in terms of volume of prod...(4339)

Leading chemical enterprise in Central Asia - Navoiyazot

JSC Navoiyazot was established in 1964. Today the company is the largest enterprise of chemical industry in Uzbekistan. It produces mineral fertilizers as well as products of organic synthesis and fiber Nitron. Background Back in 1961, a local newspaper featured an article about the company saying that, “In the steppes near Bukhara the construction of the largest chemical plant in Central Asia began.” In those years, the factory had been a national construction site and work on not to stop da...(5650)

Leader through quality - Hempel

The quality of the products and service they offer to their Customers reflects their commitment. Their strength is quality. Their potency is service. Their name is Hempel. This company is rooted in the work, creativity and commitment of each and every one of their workers. These last, in particular, have been crucial in their development. Bonded to a job effort where human ingenuity, briskness and inventiveness are poured everyday, many people have contributed to make today’s Hempel. This exp...(5524)
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